My first IP | surprise

5 Mar 2012

It is the first time I have seen the value of my college. I was about 5 months studying in this Island. I feel the difference
between school and college.
At first it was heavy. Moreover, I am majoring in
informatics engineering and I do not have a laptop. I have to go back and forth to the computer lab, although at the night. Of course to study and do my task. Tasks are certainly new to me. I am a high school
graduate, must study hard to same with my friends from SMK.

And after the school exams.
During the holidays. Almost
every day I see my SIAKAD.
Of course to see my grades. And when all the values appear. I was very surprised. My IP, far from my target. But, I was very
grateful. I just targeting my
IP in the top of 3. And I was
surprised when My IP over/ top of 3.5 .
Subhanallah. My hard work paid off with a look at this
value. I know that Science and Achievement someone can not be measured by IP. But, this is my first IP. And this will motivate me to get better. Of course. Amiin.

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